You can download directly from your phone (OTA) from the download page. Then you can follow the English to load your first bible file.


  • Multiple bible version (bible files can be stored in media card)
  • Bookmarks, history
  • Fast search function
  • Copy/paste
  • Annotation/personal notes
  • Export annotation to Memo Pad


These are the shortcuts available on Bible Plus:

  • S: (S)earch
  • R: Search (R)esult
  • G: (G)oto verse
  • C: Goto (C)hapter
  • B: Select (B)ible
  • H: Show (H)istory
  • M: Show Book(m)arks
  • N: Add/Edit (N)ote
  • L: Note (L)ist

Importing Notes From Palmbible+

Here are the steps that you need to do to get you note from your Palmbible+ to Blackberry:

  • Get PBLPBookmarks.pdb from your Palm. On Windows you can use Palm Desktop to create a backup of your Palm Database. On Linux you can use pilot-xfer.
  • Copy PBLPBookmarks.pdb to you Blackberry.
  • Run Bible Plus
  • Select menu "Note List" (or press the shortcut L to open note list)
  • Press menu again, and then select "Import PDB Note File"
  • Choose the file PBLPBookmarks.pdb
  • Wait until import completed

Copyright © 2010 Yohanes Nugroho