Installation Instruction

Download program Bible Plus, when you run it for the first time, this screen will appear:

Select "Download Bible" menu

Browser will open, and you can select the bible version that you want to download

For this example, I will use Indonesian version:

You will be aksed to save the file, answer "Yes"

Then you will be asked where do you want to save the file, to make it simple, just store it in "Media Card", notice that the name is tb.pdb

Downloading will begin it will take a long time to finish on GPRS/EDGE network

Wait until it finished

Now hit back several times to go back to Bible Plus. Then select the "Add Bible" menu

Choose SD Card

Then select the file (tb.pdb which I downloaded):

Now you can open the Indonesian bible:

You can add more bible versions (English, Greek, Hebrew, etc). You can choose installed bible using the "Select Bible" menu.

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