Never again forgot your password

This program will help you store all of your passwords on your J2ME/MIDP capables phone using one master password. With one master password, you wont have to remember all of your secret information (such as logins, credit card numbers, bank account).


Your information will be stored securely using the 192 bit version of the AES (advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. Using the SHA1 digest function, your master password will not be stored on the phone (only the irreversible salted hash of your master password will). And for those of you who are technically curiuos, every entry has a salt to prevent dictionary attack.


You can install this program directly to your phone using this URL:
or you can download this file:
and install this program from your PC (instalation instruction varies from phone to phone, check your phone's manual)

Using the program

First time you run it, this application will ask you a master password. Please choose a password that is hard to guess, and make sure you can remember the password. Next you will have a password list screen, which is initialy empty. Choose Options and select Add password to begin adding your password, of course you can enter more than just password, you can type in any information. The title field will be displayed on the password list.

From the password list screen, you can add a new password, delete or modify any of your saved password, and also change your master password.

On subsequent use of this program, you will be asked your master password on launching this application. Fill in your master password, and if you enter your password correctly, you will be directed to the password screen


This program has only been tested on Nokia 3650 and Nokia 3530 but it should work with any device that supports J2ME/MIDP.

As you can see, you must not forgot your master password, their is no recovery option for forgotten master password. If you wanted to delete all of your saved entries, you can uninstall/remove this program.

If for some reason you have forgotten your stored POP3 or IMAP4 password on your Symbian Series 60 devices, you an check out mailpass, a free mail password recovery from compactbyte.