Converting Bible files from unboundbible.org

Nelson Neves (email: nelson.neves at netcabo.pt)

These instrutions are somewhat complicated but at least they work and you can choose from about 43 languages to create your Bible.
1. Download the Bible version you want In The Unbound Bible Site:
2. Extract the zipped file to an empty folder created by you. You can use any name you want.
3. Download the Unbound Bible to Bible+ converter from here: http://members.aon.at/neuhold/download/conv2pb-0.6.zip (mirror at http://tinyhack.com/conv2pb/)
4. Extract the zipped file to the same folder you created in step 2.
5. Download Bible+ to PDB converter in
6. Extract the zipped file to the same folder you created in step 2.
7. Open a console (DOS) prompt window in created folder.
8. Type "java" without quotation marks in command line prompt. If windows says that can't find file program, download Java Run Environment at http://java.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=8939 and install it.
9. Type "java CpbGui" in the folder without quotation marks. Java is case sensitive. Please write letters as shown above.
10. A new window will appear.
11. Go to the program's homepage to learn how to use it in http://members.aon.at/neuhold/palm/palmbible_en.html
12. Now you should have a new TXT file ready to be converted to PDB format.
13. In console (DOS) prompt window write "java BibleConverter filename" where filename is the TXT created by first converter but without the extension (.txt). Remember again that Java is case sensitive.
14. If all went well you should have now your Bible in PDB format! Now you only need to copy the file to your phone! Enjoy!