Install Note For Series 60 3rd edition


Step 1: Enable Unsigned Software Instalation

If you have not installed unsigned software before, you must change the setting of your phone:

  1. Goto Tools -> App Manager -> Options -> Settings
  2. Change the 'Software Instalation' option from 'Signed Only' to 'All'
Since the menu names will be different for different language, you can find more information about this your phone manual.    

Note: Some phone can't install unsigned software. There is nothing you can do about this (you must wait for the signed version of this software).

Step 2: Install S60bible

Download the instalation file from here. You can use bluetooth, infrared, data cable, or web download to install this application. You will see a warning stating that this is an unsigned application, just ignore it, and press continue. Note: I only tested installing this app to phone memory. I have not tested whether installing the application in the memory card works (I don't have a microSD card for the phone), tell me if it works.

Step 3: Obtain bible files

You can look in Non latin text (except for Greek and Hebrew) is not supported. You can have multiple bible files on your phone.

NOTE: not all PDB files are bible files, and some PDB bible files are not compatible with palmbibleplus or S60bible.

Step 4: Copy bible files to phone/memory card

Important note: You can not send the bible file to the phone Inbox, because of the security limitation. In E50, a file received in the Inbox can not be saved to somewhere else (I don't know if other phone models support saving the file to some folder)

You have some option to copy the bible files:

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Step 5: Update the bible list

When you launch s60bible, you will see the "bible not found" message. This is normal, select "option -> bibles ->update bible list".

Note: If the bible files you copied to your phone doesnt show up, then make sure that it is a palmbibleplus bible file.

Step 6: Adjust things

Here are some things you can adjust:
  1. If the text shows up garbled, then choose another font using "options -> bibles -> select font".
  2. If the text doesn't show correct accented charactes, then choose another encoding using "options -> bibles -> select encoding".
  3. If the text is to small or big, choose Zoom In or Zoom Out
  4. If you don't like the default color scheme, change it using: 'Settings -> Color'
  5. If you like reading bibles on the phone and would like to keep the backlight on, see the 'Settings >> options'
  6. If the display is to small, press '9' to toggle full screen. You can change this shortcut (and the shortcut of many other action) using 'Settings -> Keybinding'