Version 0.80

User Manual

Yohanes Nugroho


S60Bible is licensed under the GNU GPL:

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

Yohanes Nugroho ([email protected])
Kp Areman RT 09/08 No 71 Desa Tugu Cimanggis Depok 16951 Indonesia

Obtaining Program and Bible Files

S60Bible can be downloaded from this link (you can download it directly to your phone using this link):


or you can choose download it from this page:


S60Bible uses the same bible files that are used by Bible+, no modification needed to the bible file. The Bible+ homepage has a link to available bibles on the internet; you can have a look at their bible page.

You can also convert the bible from unboundbible to PDB format using the instruction for converting bible files that has been provided by Nelson Neves. These instructions are somewhat complicated but at least they work and you can choose from about 43 languages to create your Bible.

Converting Bible Files from UnboundBible.org

Nelson Neves (email: nelson.neves at netcabo.pt)

These instructions are somewhat complicated but at least they work and you can choose from about 43 languages to create your Bible.

1. Download the Bible version you want In The Unbound Bible Site:

2. Extract the zipped file to an empty folder created by you. You can use any name you want.

3. Download the Unbound Bible to Bible+ converter from here: http://members.aon.at/neuhold/download/conv2pb-0.6.zip

4. Extract the zipped file to the same folder you created in step 2.

5. Download Bible+ to PDB converter in

6. Extract the zipped file to the same folder you created in step 2.

7. Open a console (DOS) prompt window in created folder.

8. Type "java" without quotation marks in command line prompt. If Windows says that can't find file program, download Java Run Environment at http://java.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=8939 and install it.

9. Type "java CpbGui" in the folder without quotation marks. Java is case sensitive. Please write letters as shown above.

10. A new window will appear.

11. Go to the program's homepage to learn how to use it in http://members.aon.at/neuhold/palm/palmbible_en.html

12. Now you should have a new TXT file ready to be converted to PDB format.

13. In console (DOS) prompt window write "java BibleConverter filename" where filename is the TXT created by first converter but without the extension (.txt). Remember again that Java is case sensitive.

14. If all went well you should have now your Bible in PDB format! Now you only need to copy the file to your phone! Enjoy!


This page tries to give you a complete guide on installing s60bible along with the bible files so you can start using s60bible

Obtaining the files

First you must obtain the s60bible-xx.sis. The sis contains only the application to read the bible. You will also need one or more bible files for the program to read (you need at least one bible file), see the section obtaining bible files for more info.

Putting the files to the Phone

The next step after obtaining the bible files and the application is to send them to the phone. There are several methods that you can use to put the files on your phone.

Sending using Infrared

To be able to send the file using infrared, you need an infrared device on your computer. If you don't have one, try asking help from a friend who has a laptop, laptops usually have an infrared port.

Activate the infrared port on your phone (in Nokia 3650 the menu is Connect >> Infrared). Put your phone so that the infrared port is facing the computer's infrared port.

(Note: This instruction is for Windows user)
From the Windows Explorer, choose the program files and the bible files, right click on the file, and choose Send to a nearby computer

You will receive the files as messages in your phone. Choose the program file and install it. You can't open bibles file directly through the Inbox, just let the bible file on the Inbox (or move it to another folder so it won't get accidentally deleted). You can delete the program file from the Inbox, but don't delete the bible files.

Sending using Bluetooth

To be able to send the file using Bluetooth, you need a bluetooth device on your computer.

Activate the Bluetooth on your phone (in Nokia 3650 the menu is Connect >> Bluetooth and choose Bluetooth On). Put your phone near the computer (less than 10 meters apart).

(Note: This instruction is for Windows user)
From the Windows Explorer, choose the program files and the bible files, right click on the file, and choose Send to >> Bluetooth >> (select device name)

Direct Download

The s60bible-xx.sis is a very small file (less than 30 Kb), for file of this size you can download the file directly to your phone (this is the easiest method if you have a data connection [CSD/GPRS/EDGE/...]). Launch the browser application (in Nokia it's called Services) and type the following URL


While the application is very small, the bible files are not. The size of a bible file is usually more than 1 Mb. For file of this size it is not recommended to download the bible directly to your phone, but before doing it, please consider this:

  1. It may take a long time to download the file

  2. It may cost you a lot (because of the long download time, if your data connection is charged per minute, or because of the file size if you are charged per kilo byte)

  3. It may not work on some phone (3650 for instance)

Email Download

You can setup the email account in your phone, send the files to your email account, and access the email through the phone. Again, this method may not work on some phone (due to the memory limitation), may take a long time, and may cost you a lot.

MMC Card Reader/Writer

If you own a memory card reader/writer, you can write the bible files and the program on the memory card and putting the card back to the phone. This method is very good for putting the bible files to your phone, but not very good for putting the program. The program needs to be installed, but to be able to install it you need a program to browse the content of your MMC and starting the S60Bible-xx.sis. One of the free programs available on the net is the FExplorer.


These are the current (version 0.80) s60bible features:

Using the Program

Start the program, the first time you run it, you will get a “Bible Not Found” message, make sure you have put the bible file(s) in your phone, select Options >> Bibles >> Update Bible List. The first bible this program founds will be displayed. If you have a multiple bible files, choose Options >> Bibles >> Select Bible to view another bible version.

You can go to a book, go to next chapter, previous chapter, etc using the navigation menu (see the Navigating the Bible section)

Default Key Binding

These are the default key bindings for S60Bible, but are redefineable using the Settings >> Key Bindings menu




Prev Verse


Next Verse


Previous Page


Next Page


Toggle Full screen

Jumping To a Verse

Using the Goto menu, you can quickly go to a verse. This program will accept string in the following format:

John (goto John 1:1)
John 3 (Goto John 3)
John 3 16 (Goto John 3 16)

You can use shorter book name as long as it is already unique (such as Joh for John but not Jo, as it will be interpreted as Joshua)

If there is only one chapter in the book, the number after the book name will be considered to be verse number (e.g. 3 John 12 will be considered as 3 John 1:12)

PS: the book name for Goto operation is dependent to the bible language you use (e.g. for Indonesian bible you would use Yohanes or Yoh instead of John or Joh)

Navigating The Bible

Using the navigation menu, you can go to:

Multiple Bible

If you have a multiple bible files, choose Options >> Bibles >> Select Bible to view another bible version.


Select options >> Bookmark >> Add to bookmark to bookmark the current verse (top most verse that is being displayed).

Select options >> Bookmark >> Goto Bookmark to go to a verse that you have bookmarked. You can also use the bookmark menu to delete the bookmark.


There are two options that you can set on the setting menu. The first is to keep the backlight always on when you are reading the bible (if you switch to another application, the light will still be turned off). The second option is to have a full screen view on opening the bible.

Key Bindings

You can set what actions a key will perform using this menu. This is handy for those of you who are using phones with non standard key placement (such as the Nokia 3650 or Siemens SX 1).

Copying and Pasting Text

You can copy a bible verse to be pasted on other applications. Please see your phone manual on how to paste the text from clipboard to an application (for instance, in Nokia 3650, you must hold down the pencil button and pressing the right key below the screen).


Q: Does it works on Device X.?
A: It has been tested on Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, and Siemens SX1, other series 60 devices should work well

Q: Does it work for other Symbian version (not the 60 series)?
A: No, hopefully someone would port them to other Symbian version. I would love to port it to other Symbian versions; unfortunately I don't have the required hardware.

Q: Why doesn't this application have font size selection, search, etc ?
A: Please wait for the next version

Q: How can I help?
A: if you are a programmer, you can help by fixing bugs, and implementing important features (bookmarks, font size selection, etc ). If you are an ordinary user, you can report bugs, donate money for this project, lend me your phone (if you are in Indonesia), give me your used phone, helping me write and maintain this documentation (so I can concentrate on the program).