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Bible Plus is a bible application that I made because I was not satisfied with existing bible reader applications. These combination of features of Bible Plus that doesn't exist in other bible readers:

  • It can read PDB bible files for PalmBible+ (or Symbianbible). These PDB files can easily be found on the Internet, and you can even convert your own text to PDB file.
  • It can read bible files in media card
  • It doesn't require internet connection
  • It is open source

Because of the limitation is Blackberry OS before 5.0, Bible Plus is slow in loading bible files. Technically: before OS 5.0 blackberry doesn't have an API to read file randomly, so to read a book, it needs to read all previous bytes. On OS 5.0, Bible Plus is quite fast.

However if you are not satisfied with Bible Plus, there are several other bible reader applications for blackberry. Here are some of other bible applications (that I know) for blackberry:

Note: this information are correct at the time of the writing. Please send me an email in case something has been updated.

Go Bible

URL: http://wap.jolon.org

Fast bible reader application for J2ME devices and blackberry. Data is included inside the application, so you can not put the data in media card. One application is one bible file.

Compared to Bible Plus:

  • Go Bible is faster than Bible Plus
  • You can not install Go Bible in media card

The Bible

URL: http://mobileappfarm.com/

Fast native Blackberry application for bible reading. Uses data from Go Bible, but you can put the data in media card. Supports multiple bible. Bible data is available from website.

Compared to Bible Plus:

  • The Bible is faster than Bible Plus because it uses many small files (one file per chapter).
  • Bible file for Bible Plus is easier to find on the internet, because Bible Plus uses existing PDB format (and Bible Plus only use one file per bible)


URL: http://http://www.youversion.com/

Online bible reader application. You need to have Internet connection to read the bible. The iPhone version has offline mode, so in the future it may have offline version for blackberry.

Update: current version of YouVersion can download the bible for offline reading.

Compared to Bible Plus:

  • YouVersion have plenty of features and bible versions
  • In older version you need to be online to use You Version, so it is slower (in new version, you can download offline bible, but you need to register and login first)


URL: http://www.olivetree.com/

Commercial bible reader application.

Compared to Bible Plus:

  • OliveTree has more features than Bible Plus
  • You can not convert your own bible files

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