Bible Files

Note: only public domain Bible are available. Versions such as MSG, NIV, NKJV are protected by copyright. It is difficult for me for an individual (not an organization) from outside of United States to obtain a license (paid or free) for the commercial Bible Versions (I am the single developer of this app, an Indonesian living in Thailand). If you can help, then please contact me.

UPDATE: 3 June 2011: The Chan now provides mobile download version, so you don't have to extract the EXE files in your desktop.

Here are some freely available bible files (if you can not download using main link, try the mirror link):


Chinese (Your Phone must support Chinese Font):


Note: Don't rename the file, it must start with 'z_'


Note: Don't rename the file, it must start with 'q_'



You can download other bible files from these Urls:

And finally, you can also convert other text to PDB bible using instruction available at:

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