SymbianBible: UIQ version

This information is for UIQ only, for Nokia phones, see this page

Symbian OS Bible Reader for UIQ, Series 60 and 80

Symbianbible is a bible reader for devices (mobile phones) that uses Symbian OS UIQ, Series 60 and 80.

The file access engine is ported from the well known bible reader for Palm: Bible+ , so you can use many bible files that are already available for the Bible+. Starting from version 0.98 the file compatibility is quite good. The current version of this program only supports latin text, Hebrew, and Greek, non latin text such as Chinesse, Japanese is not yet (fully) supported (see notes on Chinese text at the bottom of this page).


Google Groups (mailing list)

If you want to follow the development of this program, get update on new version, ask questions, or help other users, you can join the Google Group (it's a mailing list with a web interface), by visiting this url:

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Supported Phone Models

This information is for UIQ only, for Nokia phones, see this page

Currently only UIQ2 and UIQ3 devices are supported (Sony Ericsson P800,P900, P910,M600, M600i, P990, etc).


UIQBible is still in beta


Symbianbible can be downloaded from this link (you can download it directly to the phone):

Version Main Site
UIQ 2 (e.g: SE P800, P900, P910, etc) uiqbible-uiq2-0.98.sis
UIQ 3(e.g: SE M600, M600i, P990, etc) UIQBible-UIQ3-0.98-2.SIS
Additional files:
Version Main Site Alternate site
ClearlyU font cu.gdr cu.gdr
Source code symbianbible-0.98.tar.bz2
Language file (if you intend to translate it) symbianbible.en symbianbible.en

Current Translation

The user interface language of Symbian bible will follow the current phone language. You can translate this program to your language by downloading the symbianbible.en file and following the Instruction in the file. You could ask me if anyone has started a translation for a particular language.

Language Translator
English Yohanes Nugroho
Bahasa Indonesia Yohanes Nugroho
Portuguese alb3530
Russian ??????? ?????? (will be released on next version)
Spanish Oscar B (will be released on next version)

Instalation Instruction

For those of you who already familiar on using and installing softwares on your phone, the short instruction for installing is:

  1. Obtain the UIQBible-xx.sis, where xx is the version number
  2. Obtain one or more bible files either by downloading it from the internet, or converting your own
  3. Install the Sis file to your phone
  4. Copy the bible file(s) to your phone memory or your MMC (you can put the file anywhere you like).
  5. Use the File >> Open Menu to choose your bible file.

Obtaining Bible Files

SymbianBible uses the same bible files that are used by Bible+, no modification is needed to use the bible files. The Bible+ homepage has a link to available bibles on the internet, you can have a look at their bible page.

You can also convert the bible from unboundbible to PDB format using the instruction for converting bible files that has been provided by Nelson Neves. These instrutions are somewhat complicated but at least they work and you can choose from about 43 languages to create your Bible.


  1. You can drag the screen to scroll
  2. Tap the book name/title to toggle fullscreen mode
  3. Clik on the left button to display goto dialog


These are the current (version 0.98) SymbianBible features:

You can help

If you are a user, you can help by reporting bugs, giving suggestions, giving donation, writing/maintaining this documentation etc.

If you are a developer you can help on improving this program, I'm just a begineer in the SymbianOS programming, and would really appreciate help from the masters.


Q: Does it works on Device X.?
A: It has been tested on SE M600i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, E50, E61, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9210, and Siemens SX1, other series 60 and 80 devices should work well.

Q: Does it work on Symbian UIQ or Series 90?
A: Yes.

Q: Why doesn't this application search function?
A: Please wait for the next version. I'm still working on international texts (Japanese, etc), if the task has completed, then I will implement the search function.

Q: Why doesn't the Zoom function work?
A: It works, but only for True Type fonts, see the note about fonts on the following section.

Note: Chinese text and Greek/Hebrew Font

Important: I don't speak, read, or write Chinese/Greek/Hebrew, so please use English or Bahasa Indonesia to contact me.

If you have a phone that supports Chinese text, then you should be able to read BIG5 encoded bible files without problem. If you don't have that kind of phone, then you can install additional font. Unfortunately, the book list still uses ordinary font (and you will not be able to read the text). Note: I still can't find the source for a good and free Chinese font.

If the display for Greek or Hebrew text is scrambled, then you can install the ClearlyU font or other fonts that contains Greek/Hebrew glyphs.

To install a font globally (visible to all applications), copy the font files to your memory card (MMC/SD/MicroSD/MiniSD) at "\System\Fonts". It is possible to copy the font files to your phone memory, but you will not be able to uninstall it, and it may crash your phone.

To install a font locally (only visible to S60/S80bible), copy the font files to "?:\System\Apps\S60Bible" (for S60Bible 1st and 2nd ed, replace the question mark with C if you install it to phone memory or E if you install it to Memory Card), "?:\System\Apps\S80Bible" (for Series 80), and "C:\Data\Fonts" (for S60Bible 3rd edition and UIQ3, must be in C). I know this is a bit confusing, I wil try to make it easier on the next version

All Symbian versions supports GDR file (such as the ClearlyU) which is a bitmap (non resizeable) font. UIQ, Series 80 and Series60 v3 supports TrueType font (ttf, vector scalable/resizeable), which can easily be found on the Internet. You can install freetype.sis for Series 60 2nd edition to support ttf files. I don't know any solution for series 60 1st edition to support using ttf fonts.